Working hard preparing for Renegade Chicago.  New wallets and jewelry are in the making. My work will be at the Brika booth 76 on September 6th and 7th! For now my work space has extended into the living room. ♡ #handmade #jewelry #colorful #creative #style #fashion #renegade #chicago #brika #leathercraft #accessories #pattern #textile #textiledesign #bags #wallet #abstract #art #painting #booandboofactory #geometric (at
Mondays rule when you’re your own boss! Working on your orders today. Lots of eye and holographic leather jewelry. ♥ 
My two favorites, my pup Lula and my fiance Mikey, keeping me company while I work. ♥♥♥ Love you! 
Packaging up more orders. This month has been wholesale heaven! These pretties are on their way to New Orleans. ♥ 
Packaging orders today! Trying to stay somewhat organized. Also getting ready for Renegade. I’ll be selling my goods at the Brika booth.♥ 
This is what my work room is looking like on this cloudy Chicago day. The lighting is dreamy. ♥  (at
Busy Sunday getting orders out! These beauties are headed to Paris and California. The more color the better! ♥ (at
Here’s a beautiful pile of jewelry waiting to be shipped out! I love making collages of them all together. I’m thinking of making prints of them and maybe even printing on tote bags and clothes. Exciting ideas are in the making! ♥ 
You can now find Boo and Boo Factory jewelry on Local Eclectic! @localeclectic There’s a lot of really amazing designers to shop from! #boutique #jewelry #fashion #style #accessories #chicago
I made this fun collage of my old and new designs. They look really fun when you put them all together and see my progress throughout the years. ♡ 
Just got back from a weekend trip to celebrate with my newlywed friends! It was so fun and I feel very relaxed. I’m ready to get back to work! Here are some patterns I’m painting on leather inspired by fruit. ♥ Hope you had a great weekend! 

A fun collage of works in progress! Hope you’re having a great week! ♥♥ 
Here’s a few of my hand painted leather tassel bracelets in the shop! Each one is unique with a really fun colorful abstract pattern. Art for your wrists! ♥ 
Patterns and color. Here is the whole collection of leather pouches.